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Today wasn't too bad either.

Okay, so...did Kristen use Eric's phone somehow to get Brady to the church? Because Kristen was with Eric and Brady was with Marlena and suddenly Eric was calling Brady? I wasn't sure if I missed something.

I can't tell if Drake is phoning in his scenes with Deidre lately or if John is just being a douche or if it's both.

I really like the Eric/Nicole stuff. Nicole had a line that I really enjoyed, but I've forgotten it now.

The Maggie/Jennifer stuff was good in theory, but Maggie didn't say one thing that made sense. She was concerned about the procedure ruining Daniel's life because it might make the tremor permanent? The problem is that it's permanent. It just didn't make sense. I REALLY liked the very end of the last Maggie/Jennifer scene at the house though. I just wish it weren't about eggbaby.

I was SO HAPPY to see Nicole is still up to something. It made the 2012 Apology Tour a little easier to swallow.

I really liked the first scene with Hope, Winston, Kayla, and Caroline. But I absolutely HATE how they've handled Bo. Like...I could spit at someone. What in the actual hell are they thinking? But I especially liked the way MBE played those scenes, and it was nice to get a little light hearted reunion. I wish there'd been more light hearted moments through out.

I was prepared to say I hated the Eric/Caroline scene. I did...until it turned into Eric thinking Caroline didn't recognize him, and then I LOVED it. I guess I didn't like how Peggy played the beginning of it but once Eric said that it was all fixed.

I want Hope Brady's hair.
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