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Several random thoughts about this episode:

Daniel's a busy guy. Every time he tries to take a shower or eat, he gets interrupted by one of the women in his life calling him up or trotting over to see him. Maybe that's the real reason he chooses to leave town/go to the cabin -- just so he can finish a meal.

Jen making appointments for Daniel. She's being his mom now. Maybe that's why Maggie told her to butt out -- she's seeing a rival for "eggmommy" duty (borrowed that word from px780).

Nicole: You want me to live with a bunch of nuns.
Eric: The priests reside next door. We will see each other all the time.
This aggravated me because Eric is basically flirting with her -- something he shouldn't be doing. He's making it sound like summer camp -- with the girls cabin and the boys cabin next door. Maybe they'll short sheet the beds, have pillow fights, and play with silly string after lights out.

On a more serious note, Nicole saying Daniel made her feel like she had value is pathetic. I hate the way TomSell write women -- as weak, needy, co-dependent. For all their faults, MarDar portrayed Nicole as manipulating and using Daniel. She was flirty and evenly matched with him. TomSell turned her into a basket case.

Maggie: After this mess with Nicole, Daniel admitted he still loved you and he told you that. I think you feel guilty cuz you can't say you love him too and you want to make it up to him by giving him back the other love of his life, the ability to do surgery. You are risking my son's future to quiet your guilty conscience. I demand you talk him out of this before its too late.
Jennifer: i want to help him do this. The risk is only in a small percentage of the cases.
What?! This is probably the biggest gripe I have about this episode. Maggie asserted some serious allegations about Jennifer and her feelings and motivations. Yet, Jennifer just sat there and said nothing. She neither confirmed nor denied Maggie's summation. TomSell lets everybody else assume how Jennifer is feeling and why -- but they never let Jennifer speak for herself. It's frustrating.

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