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SNS wk of December 10-14

When the contents Stephanie's amended will is read, all hell breaks lose making Thomas go and find an attorney to consult.

Eric decides he will finally pick who will be the next president of FC by having Rick and Thomas compete in a fashion show

Thomas becomes angry after viewing a tender moment between Caroline and Rick. Thomas goes about becoming the winner.

Both Brooke and Taylor think that their kids will win.

Bill and Brooke reminisce about Aspen and their kiss.

Katie tells Bill and Brooke the role she had in pushing them together.

When Taylor learns that Brooke and Bill kissed, she lets Katie know.
Katie wonders why Taylor is telling her and what motivation is behind her doing so.

Taylor asks Bill to not go near katie, because her emotional well being was at stake.

Liam tells Hope he has moved on with his life.

Steffy is taken by surprise when she finds out Hope still wants Liam.

COMING: Hope and Steffy compete for Liam

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