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Nov 29 2012, 12:51 PM
:huh?: :what: :wtf: A fashion competition between the stockholders and employees, Posted ImagePosted Image
It's obvious Bell & his clueless writing staff is re-writing history to let Brooke & her LoHogans control FC again. Thomas has an irrevocable trust that cannot be contested.

May 23rd - 27th, 2011 - This was the pivotal week where Thomas received the shares from Stephanie in an irrevocable trust, according to the SoapCentral.com recaps: http://soapcentral.com/bb/recaps/2011/110523.php#wed

Stephanie bullied Thomas to tell everyone that he and Brooke had made love on the island. He refused, but she sweetened the deal with a promise of all her Forrester shares in exchange. She promised the shares upon her death, and reminded him that he would have controlling interest in Forrester. Thomas whipped up some tears and dutifully told Ridge and Brooke the lie, and Brooke couldn't understand why she didn't remember it. Ridge said that he couldn't live with the news, and he left the house. Later Thomas almost caved in, but Stephanie persuaded him that it was best for his family and would pull his parents together and make Taylor happy. Thomas demanded legal documents that he would receive the shares. Stephanie laughed and said that her will and her word should be good enough, but he reiterated that he expected paperwork from her attorneys. Stephanie congratulated him on having the guts to make such demands.

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