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Nov 30 2012, 06:46 AM
Nov 30 2012, 12:30 AM

Sad to say, the story would actually make more sense to me if it was a Will/Gabi/Nick triangle and Will wanted to marry her, but Gabi refused, as she would not see any good reason to marry a gay man who only shows interest in her once she's carrying his child.
Will did offer to marry her, and she turned him down for the exact reasons you state. Will did it because he thought it was the right thing to do, and she saw that was folly. I still think Will would marry her if she said yes, and he'd be happy to live with her as a friend and raise their child together as long as he could see guys on the side. She was wise to turn him down.
Yes, I know, but there was a lot of extra drama added on with Sonny/Will that I just didn't buy.

The Will/Gabi sex scene was done in such a weird way that it's difficult for me to believe that was just some type of comfort fumble. I would probably believe it more if he did have conflicting feelings for her, but she's not willing to take a risk on a life with him, and then Nick is pushing her to say the child is his and be with him. I'd have Will tell Sonny everything, as a friend (not a romance as of yet - I would have just put Sonny in some stories of his own while building up his connection with Will), would initially judge Will harshly, but then try to help him figure out what he wants, and, as a friend, get into some conflict with Nick on Will's behalf. Maybe Will and Gabi would keep quiet about the baby because "it's the right thing to do," or because they wouldn't want to upset Sami and Rafe. I wouldn't play this very long, just enough to explore some of the angst. Ultimately Gabi and Will would tell the truth, and raise the baby as friends and co-parents, nothing more.

Then once all the secrets are fully out to everyone, maybe he and Sonny, who'd have a stronger friendship by then, could start a relationship.
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