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Nov 30 2012, 03:31 PM
Nov 30 2012, 03:19 PM
I'm sure John and Marlena will be there if only to react to Will being the baby's father. Deidre also said/posted a picture saying that Marlena will talk to Gabi about her pregnancy (which should air sometime in December).

My guest list: 1) Will, 2) Chad, 3) Abby, 4) Sonny, 5) Rafe, 6) Sami, 7) Lucas, 8) Billie (CD tweeted that he was sitting next to her that day), 9) Jennifer, 10) Hope, 11) Doug, 12) Julie, 13) Maggie, 14) Victor (by default), 15) John, 16) Marlena, 17) Eric, 18) Ciara (do under 5s count)?, 19) Daniel, 20) Caroline
When is Billie's last day? I thought she was gone before the wedding. I think NABI would invite Caroline, I'd invite my boss.
Yes. Caroline is number twenty on my list.

I pretty much agree with your list, but I am going to swap out Ciara for Allie. She may be included since Gabi was more attached to her than with Ciara and she is Will's little sister.

I included Ciara because she's related to Nick and I can see Hope bringing her. (Although, so is Allie...Lucas could bring her). Didn't she say that Ciara had supposedly sent Nick mail while he was in jail? If EJ isn't at the wedding, he can babysit his kids since all of the backups are at the wedding.

As to why Billie is there...seat filler? That pretty much sums up her entire run this time, doesn't it?

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