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Friday CAN/Monday US. Rediculous
I missed the first 15 minutes---

Victor brings Adam a paper about Oxycondone and Jack's usage of those painkillers, use that document to take NE away from him, , Adam refuses put puts the document under his desk pad, what makes you think I would want to up seat Jack, Adam asks.

Phyllis is taking her belongings from Jacks, Kyle running to help her put on her coat and carry out her bags, the least he can do after all she has done to help his Dad. Later Kyle asks Jack if he can do his internship with Phyllis, Jack had hoped he would want to do it with him.

Nikki and Chelsea, bonding after Nikki was rude to Chelsea and said that having money now, didn't give her any manners, but when Nikki began whining about her house getting burnt and not knowing who did it, Chelsea and Nikki began to have a conversation about how terrible that is. Nikki almost apologized for her former remark to Chelsea.

Sharon and her therapist, Sharon calling herself crazy, did you hear what you just called yourself the Doctor asks, we have to work on that, Sharon tells her therapist she could survive in prison, but Nick and Victor faces scares me more than anything.. You tell me they are compassionate, you should be able to feel safe with them, Sharon brings up New Orleans and Adam and how she only feels safe with him. The therapist talks to her about certain music being a good touchstone for people with bi polar, Sharon realizes that she has been using Adam as her touchstone. Later she phones Adam, he comes to see her, I'm taking you off my speed dial she tells him, I'm cutting things off completely, Adam is in shock, I thought I was helping you, he says, Adam, you have a wife who deserves all of you, Adam tells her he can't afford to lose her , I can give up anything, my job, my money, but not you. I don't deserve it Sharon says, not the woman I am now, nor the woman I will ever be, go to Chelsea , be happy, have children, Adam, with tears in his eyes, asks her, will you be happy, Sharon answers, someday, they hug and sat good-bye. Adam goes home and tells Chelsea it's over Chelsea, Sharon knows she is on her own now, I want your trust back, things will get better, I promise, they hug and the camera focuses on Adam;s face---

Jack goes to apologize to Billy, that doesn't go well, both Vikki and Billy take a strip off him, Jack leaves with his bottle of pills.

Phyllis snooping in Adam's Office finds the document that Victor left Adam under the desk pad.

The penthouse is ready and Nikki and Victor are moving in, planning a party, Billy will not be invited according to Victor.

Avery and Nick at an old abandoned building, she trying to convince him to buy it and turn it into a night club. They go home and make out!
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