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Nov 30 2012, 06:26 PM
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In all fairness (and maybe you can call me biased) the writing for Sonny is dry. They make his character Mr.Perfect all of the time. When he first came on the show he had more of an attitude and more of a fire going because the writing allowed it. He was more of his own character they were developing when he first started. But the writing now is constantly about Sonny just being there as a shoulder of support for Will. I would have rather seen Sonny cheat on Will right now with Will making it seem that Sonny isn't his first priority. At least that would allow Sonny to have a character flaw. I'm hoping maybe Sonny finds out about Will being the father and keeps it from Will not knowing that Will already knows. At least that would be some kind of flaw for Sonny.
His scenes with Chad today weren't about being a support for Will. And they sucked. :shrug:
I liked Sonny at the end. I enjoyed him, Chad and Will together. I thought Sonny had much more of a fire going. Sonny's scenes are so small and so far has very little role in the meat of the story so I wouldn't expect him to be the most interesting one in this.

It was the Sonny and Will scenes that I wasn't jumping up and down about. And I would have expected to with an I love you. They are very inconsistent to me lately. I thought their chemistry was off the charts for their first kiss. Then it lagged a bit. Then a couple of weeks prior to and for the love scene I thought they were hot together. But today was just ok. But to me the writing sucked also. The I love you was just thrown in and didn't seen to have any emotional build up to it. Maybe that was part of the problem.
For good reason, they were playing Will as preoccupied, distracted and kind of out of it, thus the video games. I kind of thought he wanted to stay in Sonny's apartment and play games, have sex and probably eat - and that's it - forever. They weren't as comfortable as they were in their first love scene, and that's appropriate, I think.

But you're right, they need to give Sonny a POV and a problem set of his own. It's already set up. Sonny was warned by his mother that Will is a nice guy but has a ton of baggage. Sonny's now getting just a glimpse of that baggage. I do hope this shows a pattern of Sonny's to get involved with emotional train wrecks.

The Chad/Iago stuff could be interesting if they took the time to portray it right. Sonny can't very well avoid Chad - and careful placed word here and there could make Sonny very suspicious of Will and Gabi and Nick.

But in a way, the I love yous were awkward for a reason. Just like Will and Gabi didn't get to sit down and discuss their pregnancy and what to do after Gabi decided not to terminate because of interference by Sami, Rafe & Nick, Sonny and Will didn't get to say their I love yous naturally because Lucas stuck his nose in their business.
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