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Jennifer tells Daniel how she really feels about him.

Kristen has a confession to make to EJ.

Daniel and Jennifer share a special moment.

Jennifer walks in on a shared moment between Brady and Kristen.

Sonny thinks he knows the truth about Will and Gabi.

Eric is having flashbacks of something that happened in Congo.

DVR Alerts:

Monday- Rafe apologizes to Gabi.

Tuesday- Daniel and Jennifer have a close moment.

**UPDATED 12/7**

Monday ("Kristen's Feelings")
Marlena asks Hope to find out how Kristen truly feels for Brady; Sami is pleased with EJ's generous gesture.

Tuesday ("A Kiss Interrupted")
Lucas ruins Daniel and Jennifer's intimate moment; Jennifer finds Brady and Kristen in a compromising position.

Wednesday ("Secret")
Jennifer agrees to keep Brady's secret; Lucas gives Will some relationship advice.

Thursday ("Nick's Words")
Nick's words upset Will; Gabi worries that Sonny will find out the truth about her baby; Chad and Abigail go out on a date.

Friday ("Eric's Guilty Feelings")
Nicole gives Eric some comforting advice; Caroline understands why Sami has feelings for two different men.
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