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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

My Cast list for DAYS.... in no particular order...

Refocus on core families like, the Real Hortons
Bill or Mike to take over Tom Horton's place at the Hospital
Steffy leader of the Dimera's
Ian MacAllister-- Steffy foe... it would have been so worth while to keep on a new for... not crazy villian
Bill leader of the Horton's
Justin as leader of the Kiriakis family
Roman -- leader of the Brady
John-- leader of the Blacks

there are so many good combo and SL potential for this group. No need to explain them all.

1. Stefano
2. Kate
3. EJ
4. Kristen
5. Chad..... played by a different actor
6. Eric
7. Nicole
8. John
9. Marlena
10. Sami
11. Brady
12. Jennifer
12. Abigail
14. Adrienne
15. Justin
16. Sonny
17. Will
18. Kayla
19. Hope
20. Caroline -- just recurring
21. Rafe --- could easily be axed-- not tied to canvas--a day player only in 2nd line SLs
22. Gabi... by a new actress or axed --- having a WABI baby, so could keep her or kill her off.
23. Lucas
24. Maggie -- can stay.... sorry but JA is just too old and can't get into a good SL of his own.
25. Abe
26. theo- sorased ot teen group

27. Jack
28. Madison --- love SJB... too good for Brady... better of with EJ or Jack or even Lucas
29. Ian--- Steffy's new rival
30. JJ
31. Melissa or Sarah
32. Mike
33. Bill
32. Laura
33. new woman for Abe
34. Bo
35. Shawn
36. Belle
37. Steve
38. Carrie
39. Roman-- if we must... just b/c ...and want WN to play the part.
40. Victor--- recurring .. too old for own SL...

Out: dan, cameron,
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