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Brady and Kristen definitely have chemistry so I LOVE this storyline! However, I don't want John to be jealous..it's not fair to Marlena ,and she is the love of his life, so I think its pretty presumptuous of Kristen to think that he would be jealous at all. Upset, of course, because its pretty shady of her to sleep with his son...but jealous? Don't think so. Brady on the other hand..what the heck is he thinking sleeping with a woman that was involved with his father??? I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he slept with Nicole knowing her history with Victor. But it just makes him look like a fool and I want him to finally find love.

Either way, I'm just happy that the whole show isn't about stupid Scami all the time. It's nice to have a bit of a break for her and see another female get some attention on the show. I LOVE Kristen! She's always been my fav character and I am over the moon that she is back on my show :)
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