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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

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Nov 30 2012, 04:15 AM
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Maybe GH trying to catch JS? and I can honestly say that EJ is one of the characters that keep my interest in this silly soap! :)
I am not sure about the future of James on this show but I don't see me sticking around if leaves.

Sorry this show does not interest me enough to hold on.
I think JS leaving would be one thing to make me interested in the show again. I do not like the fact that ej has gotten away with all manner of evil, crime, and mistreatment of others with zero consequences.
I will not say that he has gotten away with all of those, he probably has not paid in the way you want him too. However he did lose a child, regardless of how light that may seem.

Also he is not the only character that has gotten away with things, whether he is the 'good or bad guy'.

James is too good for this show anyway, if he leaves, I just don't see me sticking around.

I am barely hanging on now, the show is atorcious and based on the latest spoilers, it is not going to get better.
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