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This site is awesome. I love reading everyone's comments (even the ones that I don't agree with), and I'm enjoying participating in the discussions.

That said...while I respect everyone's opinions, I have to say that the random "cancel this godforsaken show already" comments seem a bit over-the-top. I don't understand why any fan of Days, past or present, would ever wish cancellation on the show, even if they're currently dissatisfied with it for whatever reason. If someone hated the show that much, why would they waste time criticizing it on a site filled with people who, to some degree or another, still enjoy it?

I loved season one of The Walking Dead, but I thought that the second season was a colossal waste of time. Based on that opinion, I decided to quit watching the show. I guess that I could go into The Walking Dead discussion threads (here or elsewhere) and loudly proclaim that I believe that it's a horrible show that should be cancelled immediately (not that I actually believe that at all, because the show's existence doesn't bother me one way or another), but...what would be the point? :shrug:

Sorry. I'll step down off of my soapbox now. :soapbox:
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