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Dec 1 2012, 01:14 AM
Dec 1 2012, 01:08 AM
This site is awesome. I love reading everyone's comments (even the ones that I don't agree with), and I'm enjoying participating in the discussions.

That said...while I respect everyone's opinions, I have to say that the random "cancel this godforsaken show already" comments seem a bit over-the-top. I don't understand why any fan of Days, past or present, would ever wish cancellation on the show, even if they're currently dissatisfied with it for whatever reason. If someone hated the show that much, why would they waste time criticizing it on a site filled with people who, to some degree or another, still enjoy it?

I loved season one of The Walking Dead, but I thought that the second season was a colossal waste of time. Based on that opinion, I decided to quit watching the show. I guess that I could go into The Walking Dead discussion threads (here or elsewhere) and loudly proclaim that I believe that it's a horrible show that should be cancelled immediately, but...what would be the point? :shrug:

Sorry. I'll step down off of my soapbox now. :soapbox:
Judging by how atrcious this show is, I don't see anything wrong with wanting to see the show canceled. This is not to say that there are some that don't enjoy some parts but for the most part,the stories are all over the place. It is almost like the the writers want the show to get canceled, the show is a utter mess.

I personally skip episodes by just reading the synoposis, when I use to rush home to watch it, now if I miss a week or even a month, the same stupid thing is happenibg.

The only thing that is over the top are these ridiculous stories, if Tomlin knew how to write decent stories then people will not be expressing their opinion on why they think the majority of the show sucks.

Does'nt Corday want the viewers to keep watching? It seems like he does not care what we think, so why should we care about how long it stays on the air. :shrug:

At this point, I will not care if they pulled the plug, the show sucks monkey balls.
(Please note: I am not trying to single you out, JamesScott_19. At least three people in this thread have mentioned that they'd either like to see the show cancelled, or believe that it will soon be cancelled. Since you were the first to reply to my initial post, your response is the one that I'm quoting, but nothing below is directed at you specifically.)

At the risk of stating the obvious, cancellation is permanent. Cancellation serves absolutely no true purpose whatsoever...unless, of course, a person simply wants the show to be cancelled so that they can feel like their opinion has been validated (i.e., "See? Someone at NBC agrees with what I've been saying all along -- this show sucks! I was right!"), which is an entirely selfish motivation for wanting to see the show cancelled.

Another possibility is that a person might want the show to be cancelled because, despite their disapproval of the show's current direction, they are addicted to the show in some way (either watching it, reading about it, discussing it, or some combination of the three), and they want someone to pull the plug because they [the addicted viewer] are unable to sever ties with the show themselves. This is like wanting manufacturers to stop making alcohol because you are an alcoholic. It might solve your problem, but it shows a complete disregard for the people who are fans of alcohol and enjoy consuming it responsibly.

I consider neither of the above examples to be examples of "true" purposes of cancellation, since they are both based on purely selfish motivations.

What cancellation DOES do is put one hundred or more people out of work. Not just the cast and crew of the show itself, but also people who make their livings covering the show in one way or another (for instance, people who get paid to write recaps or opinion columns for the show on fan sites). It devastates fans of that show. It further erodes a dying form of entertainment.

Perhaps a person might want the show to be cancelled because they feel like their favorite actor is being wasted on the show, and they'd like to see that actor move on to "bigger, or at least better, things". However, there is absolutely no guarantee that any actor will get hired to work on another soap, primetime show, or film right away -- or ever -- if the show that they're currently working on gets cancelled. There is also no guarantee that the actor WANTS to move on to "bigger, or at least better, things" -- for all we know, they might love what they're currently being paid to do on Days. They did, after all, agree to sign a contract to work on the show (and, in the case of most actors on the show, renew that contract on one or more occasions). Which is worse -- seeing your favorite actor in a storyline that you don't personally enjoy, or not being able to see your favorite actor at all?

The fact that some people have stopped watching the show (and, in some cases, even want the show to be cancelled), yet still visit this site every week to check on the spoilers and read the Day Ahead summaries, suggests one of three things to me:

1. They still have hope that the show will one day improve to the point where they will feel compelled to watch it again.

2. They enjoy talking about the show with other site members.

3. They are still addicted to the show in some way, even if they don't want to be.

(There is a fourth reason, but I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that no one is simply trolling the site. Besides, I have not yet seen truly trollish behavior, and I'm sure that the moderators are quite capable of handling it if or when it does occur.)

In the case of example one, cancellation is the ultimate killer of hope. In the case of example two, cancellation destroys the main purpose for everyone to visit this site, so if a person enjoys talking about the show with other site members, they should want the show to remain on the air for as long as possible. Both types of people have perfectly valid reasons for visiting the site, but not for wanting to see the show cancelled.

Example three is the only example where the person gets an actual benefit out of seeing the show cancelled, but again, the motivations are purely selfish. Despite how some people might feel about the show, there are many people who do enjoy it, myself included. For those people, cancellation would be devastating...but at least a few people get to rid themselves of their addiction, right? :sarcasm:

I can understand wanting the writers to be replaced. I can even understand wanting Ken Corday to be replaced. I see no good reason for anyone to want to see the entire show end simply because they are dissatisfied with the show's current direction. While no one has to explain themselves to me, I'd love to hear why some people want to skip right to the part where the show is cancelled. :shrug:
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