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Except 4 dannifer, the rest of the spoilers sound wonderful to me. I can`t wait to find out what happened to eric in the congo. Things are really harsh in that region and i can imagine that it must have been horrid. Can`t wait to see v rock it.
But i just want to digress and offer my 2 cents about what everyone else is talking about. There`s no way i want DAYS gone. Been watching for nearly 30 yrs now. And i want it to stay on and on. There`s been a lot of comparison to days/gh. well, if u ask me gh ain`t all that great anyway. It`s closer to being llanview than port charles...but that`s another show/network. Kudos 2 those that luv it but it sucks 4 me. But i`ll post my gh dislike elsewhere on the board.
As for days, it`s better than it has been in ages. Lovin` all the drama surrounding eric/nicole/marlena/john/kristen/brady/will/
sonny/gabi/nick. No dannifer aren`t my favorites in the least. But there`s always going to be something on the show that u don`t like. I`ve been a huge fan of matt ashford since he landed in salem. But it`s rather short-sighted to assume that no one else should be `allowed` to have a post-partum depression storyline. As a matter of fact i rallied for matt to have one when was on this last time. Didn`t happen because of mardar. But it doesn`t mean that the storyline can`t happen 4 someone else.
Love AZ/Nicole to pieces and she`s certainly my fave. And i was heartbroken when she lost her baby. But that doesn`t mean that gabi or anyone else shouldn`t have a baby. I am thoroughly enjoying every beat of the will/gabi/sonny/nick drama. It`s just wonderful 4 me.
And davidson/martsolf have great chemistry. Their relationship isn`t icky at all for me. I look at it like this. The show is stock full of criminals who`ve committed hideous/violent crimes and they`re in love stories. And victor/stefano have always been involved with women younger than them. And recently, there`s been a push for ej/abby and there`s a startling age difference there. So i certainly have no issues with a brady/kristen hookup. It`s high drama and i just know that kristen has something high up her sleeve and i can`t wait ti see what it is. I think all thse kristen/brady sightings are leading to something much bigger. I just know it...
As for tomlin/whitesell/broderick, their writing is working for me. And i am loving the show. Plus these are just the initial spoilings and more will be added. But i do like what i`ve read so far and will be watching...
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