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Nov 30 2012, 09:31 AM
^^ITA. For example, look at where Days stood in July of 2007

8. DAYS 2,229,000 (-607,000/-931,000) <--- new low


As you see, they were even below where they are now and they were STILL not in last place, lol. In looking at these numbers it's a freaking miracle that Days wasn't cancelled already. Look at that year to year number, in early July of 2006 they had almost a million more viewers than they did a year later. That is why I don't believe that Days will be cancelled anytime soon. I still think that they will make it to celebrate their 50th anniversary and maybe then the network will contemplate what to do with them.
Hey, I was one of those million! lol; I'm telling you, they really need to advertise at least a little bit during primetime. I came back in the fall of 2009 by chance. How can we expect the fallen fans to come back purposefully and in large numbers if we don't advertise what's going on?
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