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12/3, Caroline and Rick contemplate revealing the truth about Bill's ill deeds to Liam and Hope; a rattled Brooke attempts to interpret an unusual dream; Bill suggests to Liam that he tell Caroline about his dislike of Rick.

12/4, Steffy calls Hope in for a business meeting and turns the topic of the conversation into a personal matter; Brooke admits to something that stuns Caroline and Rick; Caroline prepares to make Bill accountable for his interference with Liam and Hope.

12/5, Bill fesses up to Caroline about his misdeeds; Brooke finds herself in a difficult position when she is forced to take sides between Caroline and Bill; Hope makes an honest declaration to Liam.

12/6, Taylor reminds Thomas that his recent inheritance makes him the majority shareholder of the company; Thomas flaunts his power at Forrester Creations, much to Rick's chagrin; Hope senses that there is something Caroline knows and is not telling her.

12/7, Rick and Eric conspire about how to stop Thomas from taking over Forrester Creations; Caroline's message to Liam regarding Hope weighs heavily on him; Thomas gives two individuals an ultimatum concerning their roles within the company.
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