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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Nov 29 2012, 07:47 PM
In the latest mags, it features an article about Nick/Avery.

Avery surprises Nick with a field trip to an abandoned space. She tells him it used to be a nightclub but now it is closed down and suggests Nick buy the place. Nick is intrigued by the idea. Later he brings Noah to the space and suggests that if follows through with opening a nightclub Noah should come and work with him. But Nick's plan to work with his son may be derailed when Phyllis reveals that Noah has secretly been spending time with Sharon. Nick has no problem with Noah spending time with his mother. What angers him is that Noah lied to him.

Courtesy of Meghan @ Telboards
WHAT IN THE ENTIRE HELL IS THIS?! :unsure: Granted Nick opening a new business venture is not completely implausible but hell it's the same exact thing as Neil starting the jazz club... JOSH G. Get Lynn Latham outta of your head here man.

Fucking Phyllis :hmmph: (Heavy Side Eye) Why can't this scrawny HO just go away from anything Sharon. STOP IT WRITERS PLEASE!

Umm`not understanding why Nick getting all hard press over Noah not telling him shit about Sharon, dude you been caught up in the esque of 1994Nick making banana pancakes and shit :lol: .... MERCY! #RescueNick

I'm one of the few but it was so good to see Sharon have a bitch-face off with another woman besides Precious P. and Nicole ass a lot of folk want these chicks gone Avery,Chelsea,Chloe but they're needed for story flow y'all, think about it who would you rather see fucking some of these men canvas? Bad enough it's not a lot of male nor female sexy in GC Just Picture Jill trying give Kevin some that gray CoochieCoo :blulaugh: now that's something to think about.
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