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Wow!! I just caught up on a bunch of youtube videos for the month of November! Wow! Wow! Wow! People on the boards weren't lying. The show is GREAT right now. :cheer: Can't wait for December.

Of course there are a few story lines that I FFWD (Kate/Connie and Kristina/Trey) but most of the show is fabulous! LOVE the use of vets. These returns are being done right!!!! So many returns, and so many being done right. I LOVE Anna/Robert/Duke/Faison story. So happy to have Robert in this story line rather than Luke. And IB is doing a kick ass job as his evil double. Here is an actor who can pull off doing a dual role. I can't wait for the real Duke to be reunited w/ Anna, but I will miss his evil Faison. Love that Anna can feel something is off about Duke. Love how they incorporated Olivia in the story line. I love all the crossing over of characters into different orbits. I like seeing the tapestry of family, friendships, business acquaintances, and romance.

I love the return of AJ.
I love the return of Skye & Ned. And that Skye ran into Ned's arms after she thought she would die. Not AJ, her ally. Again, I love the complexity and layers of relationships. She and Ned can be on opposite sides of an ELQ war, but there is love and history between them. I love Sky's cat fight w/ Carly, and her interactions with Todd and Blaire. :lol: I love that she is encouraging AJ. I want her to stay!
I love Ned's relationship with Tracey. Wally Kurth just brings so much warmth and charisma to the screen.

I love Alice/Monica/Tracey's slapstick fights. :lol:
I love the return of the Quartermaines and ELQ intrigue!
I thought Starr/Molly/Todd were cute and adorable

I love KS back as Maxie. She and Spinelli have great chemistry. But I'm glad that Spinelli is with Ellie - a truly nice girl. This feels like a real angsty, complicated story. I like that there aren't clear villains or heroines.
And I love the surrogacy story line!!! Maxie and Lulu together are awesome. And I loved Maxie pushing Dante away while she hugged Lulu. And I loved the scene where Maxie told Anna and Mac that she's pregnant. :lol:

Love Alcazar/Tomas mystery
Love Robert catching Helena's return at Wyndemere

Now, I just wish they would get rid of Kate/Connie. And bring back Lexie as Kristina.

Sorry for the long post. But there is so much to celebrate!!! :applause:

Congratulations GH! And thank you!! Thank you for actually giving a shit about your fans and about this show. Your love for the genre shows. Thank you for fighting to keep this show alive. I hope you succeed!!
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