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During my tenth grade year, I watched the entirety of season 4 and was hooked, not understanding why former fans disliked the storylines. As season 4 progressed into season 5, I abandoned my Chair-loving ways, and was intrigued by Dair (I didn't see every episode, but did watch most). But Dair was rushed, and Chair reunited in the finale. After the terrible season 5 conclusion and a season of bad ratings and dumb plots, I suspected that Gossip Girl would be cancelled. Instead, other CW shows were axed and GG was saved for a short, last sixth season. I was shocked, and over the summer, to prepare myself for the last season, I watched the first two seasons, and the season 3 premiere. After seeing all of those episodes, I began to undrstand how people found seasons 4-5 terrible, I understood the allure of Chair finally getting together. I fell in love with the pairing of Dan and Serena, and felt like Nate had so much potential, now for him to be wasted in a manwhore-ish way, like Daniel on Days of Our Lives. I realized that I was glad I didn't watch every season 5 episode, and realized that I would instead watch all of season 3 of GG rather than tune in for the final season. And so once the show premiered again in the fall, I realized I was glad I did not tune in. Lackluster ratings told me all I needed to hear. Rufus and Ivy hooking up? Ew. Dan and Blair not getting along because of residual feelings? OK, but boring, Chuck telling Blair they cannot be together because he wants to get back at his father? Same old, same old. I mean, in the season 5 finale, the narrator said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. She was right, the writing is awful. I hate the boring triangles, and Lily and Bart being together. Chair, they're OK, but overrated, and I cannot wait until they just get married. The one thing that is good is that Derena are reunited, but everything else is total shit. I will watch to see the Derena wedding and the GG reveal, but everything else about this show is utter shit. One day, I will watch just for the sake of watching, but for now, I can spend my time wisely doing other things.
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