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BLASPHEMY! Scandal thread almost on tab 3

Scandal trended for two whole days I'm overly stoke what this show has become I did not expect to fall in love with it the way I have but my goodness what a pleasure to watch Prime time get this such love and have it not be "Scripted Reality TV" how great is that.

Cyrus aka Cy: :cupid: No way I thought I could've adored this character the way I do he is a bastard and sweet butterfly all wrap into one.

David: Cy's wife has annoyed the heck out of me up until a few weeks ago he's been like a dog on a bone with this voter fraud/voter machine memory cards.

Abby: DIE ABBY KILL ABBY I DON'T CARE She Is a piece of shit that should not be trusted after all Liv did she' stills need everyone to cater to her selfish poor pale ass. Bitch is irritating to watch.

Millie: Talk about a contriving heffah giving Fitz the business her character is so entertaining and I think she's behind the shooting are at least that's what they want us to believe.

Huck: Creepish self I wouldn't trade him for anything he's scarey loyal but Liv's needs that being a fixer.

Harrison: I found it interesting Liv gave him the task to do what she does almost like passing part of her torch to'em, but why?.

Quinn: She's a busy body, I'm hoping Huck won't have to off her tail, plus she and Harrison had a little touchy moment.

Liv: I cannot wait to see how she fix/maneuver all that's occurring she so doesn't want Bill Cosby brother (Edison) is a Fitz bandaid without the adhesive.

Fitz: Was mad like a muthafucka when flipping thru those photos.

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They have the latest ep "Defiance" posted and ready for viewing http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/scandal

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