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Dec 1 2012, 10:57 PM
I don't like Mabain on GH.

Me either. He was fine at first, but what use is he now? I do not want him paired with Sam, I would rather watch her be a single mother and deal with the loss of Jason than thrown into a forced relationship with John. Plus, I don't buy their "mysterious connection." I also think John looks like a major douche for not fighting to see his only child. I get that Natalie is mad, but is he just going to give up on Liam and stay in Port Charles?

Other than that, I am loving the show! Finally, there are more Quartermaines! I loved seeing them fight at the holidays again. Anna Devane, super villain Faison, Robert Scorpio, actual real cliffhangers and the nurses ball is coming back. Most importantly, the mob is no longer dominating the show. I don't mind Sonny and Co in small doses, but I got really sick of the entire show revolving around him. There are things that I don't really love (the Connie/Kate business needs to end pronto) but the show as a whole is heads and tails above what it was a year ago.
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