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Thanks for the Thumbs up OneWay.

The funniest scene ever between the little wimp Kevin and Chloe was the night they were making love and they were under a red blanket. The wimp stuck that tiny little, unmuscular leg out of the blanket. I laughed my ass off because I thought maybe they had used a 10 year old boys leg instead of the wimps but it was really the unmasculine, little boy/man Kevin. There is not one thing manly about that so called man.

Once I saw a picture of GR with his dog at some gala or charity event with his little dog that he was holding in his arms. They both had matching twin knit PINK sweaters with PINK knit hats to match. Talk about SWEET and too much sugar in his tank and you will see GR.

Not that I mind men with sugar in their tanks but please don't advertise just how sweet you can be. Just come out and say it instead of trying to act like you are some sex symbol and a woman's nightly dream like GR does.
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