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in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, it gives a preview for December..

SOD- Sneak Preview

Robert turns to Helena for help proving duke is Faison. We know that the real Duke is imprisoned in the same clinic where robin is being held. RC points out."So as Robert is unraveling the Duke/Faison plot, the big question is whether it leads him back to that clinic and if so, whether he will discover duke and or Robin there"

Fan fave Lynn Herring is back as Lucy Coe starting December 14th.. Lucy becomes a source of inspiration to Sabrina and that is the beginning of how and why Lucy will appear. "She will have a big impact on the canvas when she comes back. The last we knew she was living in Paris, possibly with Kevin, & so you will slowly find out where she is and what has happened with her life in the meantime" RC teases.

Sonny & Carly will have their work cut out for them this month to hang on to their son Michael. As Michael's eyes are opening to the truth he is starting to lean towards AJ

We have seen Connie lead johnny around by the nose and moving into December johnny is reaching his breaking point. Telling the truth and going to prison maybe better than life as Mr. Connie Falconieri.. RC previews " He's lost Carly and the friendship of Starr even with no-one knowing the truth. He is thinking maybe I tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. It seems possible that johnny's secret and Todd's secret are poised to blow open."

Maxie, Lulu and Dante- the scribe is mum on whether or not maxie becomes pregnant. The story will focus on the friendship of lulu and maxie but also on how it affects the triangle of Maxie, Spinelli and Ellie

Skye and Blair check out of GH on Dec 3rd
Wally Kurth also wraps up his GH visit
Erik Valdez ( Trey) is out for storyline reasons. No word on his final air date

For more Details pick up the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest..

Credit for this write-up goes to Alex10 @ SOC

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