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I don't necessarily have a problem with the Nicole and Sydney scene, per se (although I do think that it's probably just going to be some cruel trick of E.J.'s), but I have to admit that I'm very surprised that Nicole's fans* are okay with it. I expected pages of outrage when I first saw the spoiler, but it's mainly been pages of warm-and-fuzzies.

While I understand that we don't know how the scene is going to play out yet (so any assumptions about her mood are just that -- assumptions), I would have assumed that her fans would have wanted her to be happy during the holidays. That's going to be hard enough as it is, given the loss that she's suffered this year, without needless reminders of Sydney, whom she has previously stated that she has finally let go of (at least to some extent).

*To be clear, I do like Nicole, but I certainly wouldn't consider myself one of her biggest fans. There are other people here who are far more emotionally invested in Nicole (whereas my only real emotional investment is in Will and Sonny, obviously), and those are the people whom I am referring to.
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