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Dec 3 2012, 09:09 PM
Personally, I have to hand it to Galen. The longer he works for Days, the more he has to develop a sense of humor. Yeah, it would be nice if he emoted that across, but I think there have been instances when he has. Fafe, for one. I mean, Nadia is the same way, from what I understand.
And yeah, after seeing Dannifer, Dloe (or did we call them Chlaniel? Don't remember!) looks pretty good.
I thought Fafe was quite entertaining..... can we bring him back. I would have enjoyed that storyline a lot more if we didn't have to put up with Rafe mooning about in the prison cell the whole time. And it would have been so much more exciting if their had been a chance that Rafe's personality had been inextricably altered.
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