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Dec 3 2012, 10:38 PM
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I very much hope that this is some scheme by EJ to remind Nicole of all she's lost and to rub all the salt in her wounds that he can. First of all, because it will only cement his status as an ass. And second, I can't think of anything that would send her running into Eric's warm and forgiving arms faster.
Nicole has suffered enough. She has already experienced more pain than anyone should ever have to bare. No one needs to remind her about how shitty her life is...she is reminded about it every freaking day. Also, there is absolutely no reason for EJ to be more of an ass to Nicole than he already has been. They aren't together, and from the looks of things, they won't be together anytime in the foreseeable future, so all of that is unnecessary.
It's a soap opera, I appreciate the suffering. If it was real life I'd feel differently.
If they'd spread the suffering out I wouldn't mind, but I'm not interested in seeing the same character being used as a punching bag over and over. It gets old fast.
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