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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepLucas
and he's about to get extra points from me (not that I normally don't give him points for just showing up these days) but he's going against Daniel..YIPEE! Was about time actually. Can't believe that we have had Lucas in Salem for about 10 months now and they haven't ever crossed paths, shared a disgusting look or even said anything to one another. Kind of cray right? Anyway.....Jennifer STFU.....when he's boinking Chloe you'll wonder why you didn't listen to your little brother.....Oh and I guess this is a good move for Lucas to take, it sort of gets people in his corner, vs the shit they have him do with the Wilson stuff....
Are we sure we will get a Lucas/Daniel scene? I guess I assumed this would be a Lucas/Jennifer scene with them fighting about him. Then again I guess Dan could also be in this scene. I think it's about time they interacted too, especially with Chloe coming back. I can see Lucas wanting to protect both Jennifer and Chloe from Dan.
I would be the first to say BRING IT ON! I just want to see Lucas Horton front and center--where he belongs!
I don't think we'll ever see Lucas front and center but I think his best bet for a story would be this one.
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