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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of December 17th

Dec 4 2012, 10:34 AM
Dec 3 2012, 09:39 PM
Lucas and Jennifer clash over her relationship with Daniel. Jennifer makes no qualms about putting her younger brother in his place and reveals just how much she cares for Daniel.
Just watch them try to make Lucas look like a complete ass in this conversation.
Of course they will! Poor Lucas and BD are in the same boat as Jack/MA, totally expendable for the likes of Orange Dick. Lucas gets to see first hand what a disloyal slut his sister is now. I'm positive he will be made the bad guy for having the nerve to dislike Saint Daniel. After all, the loser only slept with Lucas' fiancee, but he's not entitled to have any negative feelings toward the perfect, orange bag of garbage. :flipoff:
I just worry that Lucas is going to be made to apologize down the road for not liking or trusting St. Daniel. :rolleyes:

On the other hand, I'm still glad there's someone out there who doesn't worship Dr. Douche, however long it lasts.

As for Jen-Jen, the contrast between her and Abe is glaring to the point of blindness. Both lost their longtime spouses around the same time period, but Abe has been quietly grieving Lexie and taking care of their child. He hasn't been making a fool of himself running all over town looking for someone to rescue. Or screaming at potential rivals for Kayla. I'm not sure I'm rooting for him and Kayla to be more than friends, but at least they're taking whatever it is between them slow, with respect for each other's previous relationships.

Not so Jennifer. Her pursuit of Daniel--right after scattering Jack's ashes--isn't sweet, passionate, or romantic, no matter how T&W try to spin it: she comes across as desperate, needy, and obsessed. And on that head, there's precious little to choose between her and Nicole. I'm just embarrassed that both women are losing their shit over a shallow, fickle, sleazy womanizer like Daniel.
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