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I don't see NB coming back for Chloe to be the loser in a storyline with Dannifer. Which doesn't mean TIIC won't try it. As you say, time will tell.

But I think Chloe's return will be an acid test for Jen-Jen as an individual. Is she going to treat Chloe the way she did Nicole, getting in her face, hurling accusations, and shrieking that she ruined poor, defenseless Daniel's life? If so, she really has lost her marbles and became a Daniel-obsessed whackaloon. Even on her worst day, Chloe was never the schemer Nicole was.
Well, to be fair, Chloe did scheme to kill Carly because she thought Daniel liked her. Nicole hasn't schemed to kill Jennifer that I'm aware of. Nicole is definitely a schemer, but Chloe did her fair share of whacko things while being Daniel obsessed, so I think Jennifer would have plenty of ammunition if she chose to go all self-righteous and shrieky on Chloe.
Really? My goodness, women really do go batshit crazy over Daniel! I'm still at a loss to understand why.

I guess it's a given, then, that Jennifer will go on another shrieky, self-righteous rampage when Chloe comes back. After all, she won't just be defending Poor, Helpless Daniel, she'll be speaking up for her Bestest Friend Ever, Carly. Even though Jen-Jen hurt Carly far more by getting involved with Daniel in the first place.

And that too boggles the mind. How does any woman go from carrying a torch for Bo to being obsessed with Dr. Sleaze?
And funnily enough, when Chloe was planning to do Carly in, Carly didn't even like Daniel then! But of course, just being in his presence for any length of time causes most Salemites to fall head over heels obsessively in love with him.

But I'm sure most of Jen's shrieking will be due to the Parker situation, which will be magically resolved with St. Dan being the father and Jen will step in as his mother because, in her mind, Parker deserves better.

Meanwhile, in Sariah-land, Parker is still Philip's baby. I mean, I pretended that Phloe were together offscreen and look! Apparently they were. So I'm going to use my wishful thinking to keep Parker a Phloe baby because it would make me sad if Parker ended up tanorexic like Daniel.

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