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After seeing the devilish delight Ej had sparring with Nicole and checking her out as she walked away it seems Sami really is just an object to be obtained. And I'd much rather see Ej on a power trip full of manipulations to collect Sami than selling him as Avon Ej, a man gleefully testing lipsticks and spritzing perfume for sweet love's sake. That's also why it was so much fun to hear Nicole call him out on his mission to make love happen. Of course he'll rise to the challenge and try to prove even more he can succeed in taking Sami, but Nicole knows the score. It also seemed that Ej would take great enjoyment in Nicole not changing - maybe in hopes of being on the receiving end of her sexual appetite once more? ;) After all, once he succeeds in bagging the rather gullible Sami his next power trip could very well be getting feisty Nicole back under his sheets.

Go Eric! Too bad Sami has no ability for self reflection as everything goes in one ear and out the other. Though her stubbornness is not new to her character, I'm extremely annoyed by her repetitive lines of defending Ej by his 'now' changed nature and his being such a 'good father'. These are tired and weak remarks pulled out and recycled every time they want to revert her to Stupid Sami mode. Ej being nice to Sami and attentive to his kids shouldn't wipe her memory of atrocious treatment. Her cavalier attitude makes me as a viewer less likely to invest in anything done to her at Ej's hand as it will always be excused as long as he pulls out the smooth talk and plays with his own children. So what is the point of their conflicts? Have at her Ej, it's all good to her. (I have to wonder if TPTB realize how worthless they make Sami with this story direction???)

Will is making me crazy. He knows how much it sucks to not know who your real father is and yet he's waffling on this decision. I want to smack him upside the head! The reasoning of losing Sonny is just not strong enough to warrant his indecision for me.

Rafe needs to cut Will some slack. He may still be pissed Will took Gabi to the clinic, but he should have felt some relief knowing Will wanted to get in and stop the procedure. It shouldn't be a surprise or problem that Gabi would rely on Will for support either. They've been friends for a long time and Rafe is more of a parental figure to Gabi. He should be trying to increase his show of support of Gabi by being thankful she has a good friend to turn to.

Did Kate switch the lipsticks?

You just go ahead and walk on in Marlena! Haaaaa!

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