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Dec 3 2012, 03:54 PM
The more that Eric calls Sami out on her shit the more I'm baffled that she gives the excuse of ' I was a kid'....but she fails to realize that Ej did EVERYTHING he did to her and their family, without even THAT particular excuse. OH and let's stop it with the 'Ej's changed' and 'he's not Stefano' and 'he's a great father'....FUCK SAMI....he purposely went along with Stefano's plot to put a double of your husband in your bed to fuck you and he also had the NERVE of having you tell your child Johnny that you didn't love him anymore....is that a good fucking father? when the kid had cancer and he wanted his mom, Good father Ej went out of his way to make not only YOU suffer but Johnny too....GMAFB already.

This is why I hate Sami every time they even remotely attempt a pairing with Ej, because she makes no fucking sense whatsover. How can you say he's a good father when he did that shit to YOUR CHILDREN...and these weren't accidents, collateral damage type of incidents...this was premeditated shit...he willingly did to cause his son to distance himself from you and Rafe or whomever...I think this finally may be the end of the road for me and the character of Sami...Ej can have her for all I care.....and then Rafe can take whatever is left of her, if anything

But don't you know....Noble Ej became Mayor to better himself and the Dimera name and that wipes every and all things out. He's really a swell guy. :blink:

Love your post BTW
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