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Overall, I liked today a lot more than yesterday.

I liked Kristen's reaction to Brady when she woke up. I still would like a little more insight into what she's thinking, though. It 's just not clear what she's manipulating and what she's not. The end was weird, and while I know we'll get some flashbacks tomorrow, that's really not a good enough trade off for really bad pacing. Despite my initial reservations about Bristen, I kind of wish they'd play up the fact that she was his semi-stepmother. It'd make the whole thing a whole lot more scandalous. Ignoring that aspect feels like a giant elephant in the room.

I liked the Eric/Sami stuff. It played out exactly like I read it. I do wish that he would have listed some of her sins from this century, though. I'm tired of her using that "I was a kid" excuse when she wasn't a kid for the majority of her crimes anyway. Though I'm glad that Eric pointed out that being a kid doesn't really absolve you from kidnapping.

I liked the last Ejole scene. The one right before it was straight up awful though, and it was all James Scott's fault. He and AS were both OTT even more than usual today (and that's not a slight at the pairing because most of their OTTness was with other actors). One day they'll stop writing EJ and Sami (and Lucas for that matter) as teenagers and it will be a revelation.

I like the Gabi/Will stuff best when it's just Gabi/Will. Nick, Sonny, Sami, and Rafe just ruin it. So basically, I thought there stuff was mostly fine today except for when Rafe stuck his nose in.

Marlena looked GOOD today. I enjoyed the Marlena/Kate scenes. I wish they'd address some of the WTFery, but I liked the scenes themselves, and today was the most I've enjoyed Kate in a LOOOOONG time. I really liked the Billie/Kate scene, too.
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