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There is so much hatred between the Spencer and the Logans. If Brooke and Bill got together can you imagine the potential fallout from this? Man..That is a enough drama to go on for at least a year.. There's Katie.. For them to betray her.. Fallout... The fact that Bill hates Brooke's kids and vice versa... Fallout

People would wonder how could Brooke be with a man that in reality broke up her family.. It was because of Bill, Deacon was brought back into their lives.

Then there's Bill and Liam. Father and son are at odds because Bill has now become hypocritical.. You remember all the lectures about being "a man".. and not being caught up in Hope's drama.. Liam would sure to flip. For Bill to hook up with Hope's mother.. Wow!

Can't forget about Steffy and Taylor... Steffy would sure to take a crack at Brooke. Steffy can't forget all the grief she gave her over Katie and her trying to break up their marriage.

Taylor would be there with the "I told you so".. not to mention.. the gloating.. Ugh..

IDK exactly how would Brooke and Bill work.. The damage would be unrepairable, especially for Brooke. She's going to take the brunt of the criticism.

As a Brooke fan and a Bill/Katie fan.. This has left me with so many emotions.. I don't know how I feel about this or how I should feel. So confused.

Its good soap.. but so incredibly messy!

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