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Dec 5 2012, 10:10 AM
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While it certainly seems like Nick is beginning a transformation into a controlling, possessive boyfriend/fiancÚ, Sonny's last line to Will about no more secrets seemed uncharacteristically odd. There's no doubt to me this line was more plot-driven writing as opposed to character-driven writing. Sonny does not strike me as a clingy, absolutist who would say something like this. He would probably be one of the last characters on this show to say such a thing. Considering how he had so little dialogue in this episode, surely the writers could have rephrased that line so that it wasn't so OOC.
'No more secrets' must be Days tag line. We went through it with EJ and Nicole and then Sami and Rafe and now it's Will and Sonny's turn. It's a shame with so many interesting stories a good writer could think up this is what we get.......over and over again.
"No more secrets" might be the overall theme for DAYS.... secrets go hand in hand for soaps, even if DAYS likes to make the same secrets, use the same characters and retell the secret SL with a small twist. DAYS wil win zero awards in the creative department that is for certain.

"Apologies" was the head tag line for November.

Not sure about December...thinking it might be: "Forgiveness and Second Chances"

I think it would be something Dannifer themed, like "Close Moments." :rolleyes:
It isn't just Days. Sonny's line is a classic, anvil-dropping phrase used on many soaps as an ironic or "wink-wink" tip to the audience who knows the secrets aren't over. It has little to do with character, almost everything to do with plot.
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