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Dec 3 2012, 08:48 PM
Source Look Ahead: Week of December 17

EJ shows Sami softer, compassionate side of him while with Sydney and Johnny. Is EJ truly "playing" Sami? One might think so, but his feelings for Sami are genuine. Will his desire to be a better person outweigh his tendency to revert back to manipulative patterns? His new change of heart is definitely going a long way towards endearing him to Sami.

Will and Sonny work to mend their relationship, but the secrets they are both keeping makes it harder and harder. It's hard to want honesty from Will when Sonny's not being honest himself. Sonny thinks he knows the truth about Will and Gabi, but he couldn't be farther from the truth.

Kristen and Brady's secret relationship isn't such a secret anymore! Jennifer walks in on a close moment between the pair. Will she keep their secret?

Giving her pending marriage to Nick, Gabi is invited to the Horton House for Christmas. Will she and baby Horton get their own ornament?

Kayla and Abe continue to grow closer. Lucas and Jennifer clash over her relationship with Daniel. Jennifer makes no qualms about putting her younger brother in his place and reveals just how much she cares for Daniel. Look for Daniel and Jennifer to share a special moment.

Eric's night terrors continue.

EJ and Sami...what else is new? Since they both used to be villains can ONE of them be written that way? This is so stupid. Another let's redeem EJ or not story. Booooring. His snarky minute with Nicole yesterday was the best I've seen him do for months. And only for literally...like a minute lol

Will/Sonny...what secret is Sonny keeping? that he knows about Wabi or something else? I'd like to think it was something else. That we could like...see...on screen. But that's probably askin gway too much. I have been loving Will's performances opposite Gabi the last few days, though. As long as Rafe or Nick aren't there. And CB as ever could be any actress. I hate the baby s/l in general as I'm really sick of babies on this show, but I am liking Will's struggle with what to do. And OF COURSE I think he should be talking to Sonny about it, but then I guess there wouldn't be much soapiness.

Brady has always bored the Hell out of me (both EM & KL). I'm digging the Kristen stuff waaaay more than I thought I would ("almost Biblically wrong" as Kristen said...but entertainment wise? I've crossed over. But yet another pop-in to Kristen's hotel room is beyond ridiculous. I'm surprised Billie didn't walk in and tell everyone about it since that's like what she does now lol And I honestly don't need MORE Jennifer. Especially all of these special/close/wubby dubby "moments" she is having with Taniel. And now that this character is overexposed with that crap, you're going to pull a Sami with her and insert her in a s/l that has nothing to do with her? I'm also with everyone who is saying that we need to know more about Kristen's manipulations. Ok, ED has made it clear in her performance that she is "up to" something...but WHAT? A hint? Please? Because bagging Brady and having Marlena see it is just not quite villainous enough for me.

Gabi being invited to the Horton's xmas party...ok...EVERYONE used to go to parties there back in the day. But Gabi getting an ornament makes me want to barf. And speaking of Nick also when was he ever this much of a douche? As far as I'm concerned they can keep the Wabi baby and raise it together off-screen for all I care about either of them. Rafe can help them. He seems to have asolutely nothing better to do right now anyway.

Abe & Kayla...I guess I don't have a problem with this. But we see them like maybe once a month and it's not for very long so I really couldn't care less. I know they each need stuff to do, but they are both pretty bland these days. I'm not offended by it. At least they are appearing at all?

Lucas!! Wow. I sure hope he tears Tan & Jen new ones. I want some Lucas TRUTH!

Eric stuff could be interesting but the parallels between this and the Jack PTSD s/l are kind of glaring. I am trying really hard to like Eric. But so far he's just "meh."
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