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Dec 2 2012, 02:34 AM
i can do without ejole ever coming around again. Been there done that 2 many times. Ericole, on the other hand, is a shot of adrenaline that the show needs. Gv/az have great chemistry which has been evident in the few scenes that they`ve shared. I think that vaughan was careful to not reveal a lot and that just builds my interest more where eric/ericole are concerned. And i want it to be a nice slow burn. As for vaughan, i have seen his work outside of days and he is a great actor. I loved his portrayal as lucky on gh and was saddened when he departed the show. And i never enjoyed lucky`s character after that. I`m more than pumped that he`s on days and paired with my favorite character. He`s adapting to the role wonderfully and I`m excited to see where his story goes. And finally nicole is with her real true love rather than being someone`s sloppy seconds/thirds. It`s way past time that the show grows serious about teliing a story where she`s the object of a man`s love/affection. And that man has always been eric, imo.
I pretty much agree with all of this. I supported EJole and thought their chemistry was much more evident than EJami's, but I accept that any interpretation is subjective and that there was always the nagging possibility that E.J.'s primary focus would ultimately continue to be Sami no matter how much he professed his love for Nicole. With Eric, we know he really loved her and that she's the one who killed it for them with her selfish, self-defeating actions years ago. There is no doubt that Eric's love for her is real and his concern for her is genuine. I'm ready for this. AZ and GV are incredibly sexy together, even when they're doing mundane things. James Scott is immensely sexy to me but when someone (or their character, in this case E.J.) has an ugly personality, it can start to detract even from their physical allure. At least that's how it works for me, and it's been happening with him much to my chagrin for awhile now. And even though Eric is a good guy (as far as we know), there's still plenty of room for drama considering his vocation, Sami's reaction etc. I hope they keep the pacing of their relationship (assuming it even becomes one) slow and steady, but it is a much-needed shot in the arm. E.J. can go be his usual pathetic, laughable self with Sami for awhile.
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