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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Dec 5 2012, 04:47 PM
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Bryan Dattilo @Bryan_Dattilo

Shout out for Lucas. Let's hear it peeps. I need more air time. Let them hear u.

Oh Bryan, sweetie, you are on the Gary Tomlin list of vets that he considers useless. I wish BD luck in getting Lucas a good storyline but with Tomlin around I doubt he will get anything significant, which sucks for him and his fans.
It doesn't sound too promsing about him being involved in the will baby storyline either.
Which, if true, is really odd considering not only his relationship to Will, but his history regarding Will's parentage.
but don't you see what they have been trying to do since Lucas came back....they've been trying to destroy Will and Lucas' closeness and at first I sort of understood it, he was gone for 2 years, out of his kid's life and Will was going through all these emotions, feelings and he didn't even have him around. So maybe Will felt a bit of abandoned, I get that...but the more time passes the more they make him the angst in the Wilson story instead of giving him something else to do. The ONLY thing he had going was his love for his son and Will's loyalty to him...now they don't even have that.....Will pretty much dismissed his father and cared more about Sami running off with Ej than how his dad would react. He cares more about Rafe and Sami's relationship that his own parents.
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