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I understand why Eric suggesting Nicole apologize to certain people is infuriating. That's my gut reaction too...but I see what he's doing as something that he believes will ultimately benefit Nicole more than anyone else. Nicole has a difficult time forgiving herself, which is why in recent years we've seen so much self-pitying from her and why she's such a self-defeating character. Sure, she's great with a snappy turn of phrase or a cutting insult directed at deserving parties, but that doesn't make up for her own self-esteem deficit. If she can't at least attempt to rectify things she's done wrong, she can't truly move forward and reform herself in the way she now wishes to. Daniel and Jennifer will always be much bigger assholes by far in my book than Nicole, but she's not blameless. The fact that Daniel's and Jennifer's halos are severely tainted doesn't make Nicole's apologies totally unnecessary. Nicole can't clean up Daniel's and Jennifer's side of the street, but she can start to clean up her own, and that's worthwhile. Some apologies we offer are difficult and we offer them through gritted teeth. The same goes with offering forgiveness. Eric's desire to see Nicole "make right" things she's done wrong by seeking forgiveness may also tie in to his own trauma, whatever is causing his night terrors. He may have guilt about something and wish he could have had the opportunity to seek forgiveness from someone in a similar way.
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