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Dec 5 2012, 05:18 PM
I don't see where Will was manipulated into making this decision. Nick/Gabi gave him plenty of chances to say he will step up and claim this child but he never did. He hum/haw, twiddle this thumbs etc . Gabi point blank ask him today if he was ok with them raising this child as their own and he say yes. So yeah I'm not feeling sorry for him. He made his choices now he has to live with it and deal with it. If he wants to go around for the next couple of weeks/months being pissy and mad he has no one to blame but himself.
We'll just have to agree to disagree, I guess, which is fine. :smile:

To me, Nick and Gabi's dialogue was like this (I'm paraphrasing, just to be clear):

"You can tell the truth if you want to...but you'll lose Sonny!"

"If you tell the truth, what will Sonny think?"

"Are you sure that Sonny will support your decision to raise this baby?"

"You and Sonny just got together. You're finally happy. Do you really want to risk destroying that?"

And so on. And yes, I'm exaggerating the emphasis of certain things to prove a point, but I'm not imagining those lines. Nick and Gabi did say things like that to Will. I can pull actual quotes, but I think that this is probably sufficient.

It was subtle. I'm not claiming otherwise. Everything about Nick is transparently subtle. But it was there. Yes, they gave Will the opportunity to tell the truth (but of course they would -- it's not like he needs their permission to do so; at most, he might want Gabi's approval, but Nick has no say in this matter whatsoever), but in the same breath, they were also playing on his insecurities and, in Gabi's case, assuring Will that letting Nick raise the baby was what she wanted. They knew exactly how to manipulate Will to get him to agree to go along with the plan.

If they had just said, "Here's our idea. Take some time to think about it and get back to us. No pressure," it would have been an entirely different matter, and I would have been able to see why Will had "no one to blame but himself".
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