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BigFat Irish Head
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Kristen and Brady were the only scenes I enjoyed this episode. There were a few awkward moments because of the writing/scene blocking, but the chemistry is definitely there, they're sexy-fun and it kept my attention.

I don't like where they're going with Nick right now. I liked him so much during his original run. I still liked him when he first returned. But lately where Gabi and Will are concerned he seems bossy and controlling/manipulative. I don't like how judgmental he was about Will and Sonny, or when he thought Gabi might be getting an abortion. I wouldn't have expected that attitude from the Nick I knew. Initially I felt for Gabi after she found out she was pregnant, but now she's totally letting Nick call the shots and it's annoying. I still feel for Will. But I'm finding it difficult to invest in this story. The insta-love isn't doing them any favors, either.

Nicole and Eric . . . boring so far. I hope it picks up soon.

The Ejami lipstick stuff and the game of keep-away over the lipstick pig picture was so cornball and lame it was downright embarrassing. The only decent thing about those scenes was Johnny because he's adorable and charming no matter what. Please give EJ something else to do! IMO, EJ the Avon Lady/Pig Lipstick ranks up there with the Fishing Hat, the EJ Express and Scarf Sniffing in "Worst Moments In EJ History."

Maggie/Jennifer/Daniel: This "poor, poor Daniel" stuff is barfworthy and thoroughly annoying. Surprisingly, the most annoying out of the three at the moment is Maggie. Someone needs to bake a batch of Alice's donuts and smash them into her face so that she'll STFU. If there's any leftover to smash into Jennifer and Daniel's faces and shut them up, that would be swell, too.

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