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Dec 5 2012, 07:33 PM
Dec 5 2012, 07:06 PM
I think I might be leaning toward Will and Sonny. Though I always figured it would be Kristen and Brady. There are only two people listed and no extras. The only one that would be alone there with no extras would be Sonny and somebody most likely. Unless it is Chad and somebody. But I just have a hard time believing this show would allow the two guys of all couples to get naked together on Christmas but that would be what's so shocking :ermmmm: . But the two times they have been in bed together the show made certain another couple was having sex also. The other thing Jason posted if I am reading it correctly shows Sonny at the hospital. So maybe Sonny says he needs to leave to close up the coffee shop? It seems Will and Sonny may be on the out a bit before the holiday. I could see Christmas bringing them close again before it all goes to hell.
Yeah, it could still be Will and Sonny (at the coffeehouse -- which would be awesome -- or back at Sonny's apartment in time for the final act). I guess that I just don't see why showing two guys naked -- gasp! -- on Christmas Day in 2012 :sarcasm: -- is such a big stretch. But perhaps it's na´ve of me to think that. :shrug:
You and I might not think it's a big stretch but it is, sadly :-/ .

But that being said it probably is Kristen and Brady even if I think the pieces fit for Will and Sonny. I could see them going back to the Hortons.

Maybe it's both Will/Sonny and Brady/Kristen.
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