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Kristen and Brady have a theme song! :P Please tell me they will continue to use it each and every time they hit the sheets.... an instrumental version will also suffice, just keep it going. ^_^

I want Eric to loosen up and not be so serious sounding in every conversation. The banter with Rafe was good, but he could have smiled that gorgeous smile a bit more or added some laughter - same with the Will encounter and football teasing. He still seems stiff to me. I get he's trying to be all priest like, but it shouldn't equal dull.

I didn't get Sami and Ej's Johnny's picture dialogue at all, but then I don't get Sami's overly joyous demeanor toward working with Ej either. :rolleyes: Oh wait, I forgot that the slate has miraculously been wiped clean and they are not only the best team in Salem, but the greatest parents too! So glad they will constantly be reminding me of these new facts. :blink: Can the characters shoot a viewer to put them out of their misery?

Will, Will, Will :shame:

Marlena taking the time to check her phone while getting an eyeful :laugh: How stupid was that?! I just laughed and laughed.

Rafe - step up dude. If you need her, tell her already.

God I love Victor! Where have you been hiding?! We need daily doses of that sharp tongue.

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