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Gabi, don't seem so torn up over Will giving up full parental rights to you and Nick :censored: .

But I can't feel completely sorry for Will either. I feel for him, yet I don't. He had plenty of opportunities and still does to claim what is rightfully his. I can't believe I am saying this but I kind of miss the Will that had a backbone when he was with EJ. That Will would never let Nick and Gabi get into his head. He is letting those two twirps convince him that Sonny will leave him and the baby will have a better life without him in the child's life.

Oh Sonny, if you only knew what a fool they are making of you right now.

The Will and Sonny scenes were kind of weird. It was two very short scenes. Nice to hear them say they love each other but "man' and "dude". That is now how they should be referring to each other. Ever since the love scene which was very passionate, the Wilson scenes have been written like they are friends vs. in a serious relationship.
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