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Dec 5 2012, 11:22 PM
Well, Bomber, they tried to bring Jennifer back without Jack in the first place by saying that Jack left her. People didn't buy it. If he had left her this time, I think a lot of fans still would have had a hard time accepting it, though I wouldn't have blamed him, considering the way Jennifer treated him and fawned on Dan. And I still wouldn't have liked Jennifer, because she'd already been awful, and I can't respect her going for a boring sleaze like Dan, no matter if Jack had left her. Anyway, I think they were trying to appease Jack fans by having him go out in a heroic way (though the logistics should have been handled better there). I suppose Jack fans should be grateful for small favors-at least they didn't utterly trash Jack in their mad pursuit of Dannifer. Either way, the writing for Jennifer has been very poor, and even if they'd had Jack leave her in an attempt to make her look less shallow, Dannifer would still be a bore.
I still would have hated her too but I'm talking about the viewers who dont know or care for JnJ. Those of us who love Jack wouldn't have accepted it but I dont think Tomlin ever cared about us anyway. Going about it the way they have they have alienated even first round Dannifer fans (which actually I'm glad about). And I agree that Jack's heroism was supposed to appease us (although again they have misread the fans by assuming we would accept another "death") but any appeasement is completely nullified by having Jennifer go straight into Dan-obsession mode. The whole storyline is a shambles.
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