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the actress playing Summer looks a lot like Sharon more so that looking like Phyllis or from the same family gene as Phyllis or even Avery. Fen puts me in the mind of Kevin the way he looks so creepy, he looks more like he belongs to the Fisher clan than the Baldwin bunch of bananas. Kyle is just slimy all the way around, I don't know what he has up his sleeve besides his arm but Phyllis should be suspicious about him more so than Adam. Yes I like Chelsea better than I did when she first came on and I think her and Adam are good together. I want Billy and Chloe to go back together although they won't. That ship has sailed. Victoria is going back to being Victor's little darlin' and if I was Billy I'd fight tooth and nail to get Johnny after all she is not his mother and I imagine they want Vicki to be free so she can run Newman's when Victor gets it back and he will get it back. Well I guess that means we know what's going to happen no new surprises and I was hoping JG would take Y&R to higher level but apparently Jill has read the same play book as Maria and the rest of the daytime producers we know what's going to happen years down the road 'cause its a soap and they never change.
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