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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Dec 6 2012, 12:58 AM
Dec 6 2012, 12:27 AM
^ I would Soapgoddess. I like BD and I feel bad for him. But.....I just can't anymore..TIIC have their own agenda....I'm still reeling over the fact that Bo was booted out and now Hope has become a useless character. Never mind Kayla and Steve off screen divorce, they killed Lexie and don't even get me start with MA..... you all know how I feel about that....
But Renee Jones wanted out, and with Steve and Kayla, keeping them together onscreen doesn't necessarily do the fans any favors, it just puts Kayla in the same position as Hope. I totally get the frustration, but I don't think it's all signs of an agenda by TPTB.
I see your point. But if it's not part of TPTB's agenda then what is it? All the couples have been uncoupled. How good is that? I know RJ wanted out, for whatever reason......leaving Abe a widow, Jen's a widow, Kayla a new divorcee, Hope...semi-so manless... and now Chloe & Philip who were not together when she left... suddenly we have Kate reveal a plot plot that PHLOE are now a part. The pattern is glaring. Giving fans any reason or SL angle to impose all this shit in such a short timeframe is ludicrus this sucks moneyballs. This creates lack of cohesion on a canvas and busts up all family units. All we have left is J&M. Magic... and they rank, like a 0 for me. It doesn't even matter whether these characters are the vets or the newbies. Dan lost melanie. Tuning into DAYS for the last half 2012 has been depressing. 3 deaths, 3 divorces. & 2 that up left family for personal reasons that were related to their SL (Mel & BO). To me that pretty much negates all the reasons I want to tune into my favorite soap. Especially all this instamance...it's just killing me. Oh yeah, plus Nicole's dead baby-- I had to add that.
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