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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, December 5th Daily Discussion
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I am actually tickled to death that there was SO MUCH hilarity in this episode.

Marlena, going in for a 2nd sneaky peek at Brady & Kristen...Kristen's delicious GLARE...

Kristen playing Brady like the slab o' meat he is. Token Shirtless guy.

Victor!! "Nice shirt! It looked better yesterday!" Wish we had more Victor moments. I'd really love it if they would stick him in at least a business relationship with Kate. He's just so great when he's Maggie-free!

I don't care how many folks hate "Dumb John." I LOOOOVE "Dumb John." LOL "It wasn't EVEN a hug, it was one of those things you girls do." had me fucking ROLLING!

So many amazing Marlena "looks."

And the Billie randomness was OMG...I ALMOST wish Lipsy Rinna wasn't leaving. She is so my comic relief!!

"Marlena!! Are you alright?!" with her crazy mannerisms....completely inane babbling and 2 seconds later : Ok! *Clap* I'll leave you two *bug eyes* and she just leaves without saying goodbye and Marlena looks annoyed. LOL I think I rewinded that part 5 times.

and that delightful Kristen ending.....

Yeah. I found this epi worth it even though I cannot say I didn't FFWD some stuff. I honestly don't care that it is EJ's turn for the sacred swiney vajayjay. Allie still doesn't exist when they are together, apparently. Eyebrows, Swiney, & EJ were all at their smugliest fugliest.

I don't really remember much about Nick's 1st run, but I know a lot of people loved him. I'm guessing complete and utter character destruction here? Because I can't fucking STAND him. And where are Will's balls? He should tell Nick to butt the FUCK OUT! It's he and Gabi's choice and anyone who loves her so damned much should be man enough to step aside until a decision is made and then support her.

Eric just puts me to sleep. I still can't get around it. I'm tryin', Ringo...

I'll give it a B+ lol

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