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engrady pind

When are some of these useless and boring story lines going to finish? I don't know how much more of Sonny-Kate/Connie-Johnny I can take? I am thoroughly bored with everything having to do with Michael and his parents, even AJ who needs a woman in his life to give him lots of children to raise from the get-go. He has to move on. As for Sam and child, the less I see of her the better, as always. Just cannot get into a character who whispers, whimpers and leaks from the eyes all the time.

There seems to be an absence of threat, and what conflict we are given is diluted. So Anna gets tricked into sleeping with Duke before she learns that he is Faison. So what? It's not the end of the world. Is he going to do a murder-suicide thing with her? Jerry Jax is nowhere in sight and he seems to be the only villain who manages to pose a real threat these days. Of course, we can hope Helena Cassadine finds the Ice Princess and thaws out her popsicle son, then we can expect some conflict and threat.

OK, Steve Burton left the show and the Jason character is believed dead. The show is better off without him. Carly has had to find someone to get her out of the messes she creates and Todd seems willing to do so while he waits for Blair to come back to him. In the meantime, his daughter has to play mentor and confessor to her own father. Michael has had to stand on his own two feet and think for himself. Sonny is so absorbed with getting Kate back that he doesn't seem to even register Jason's absence.

For more than a decade now GH has run too many storylines at one time, and consequently, did none of them well. Too many little stories have been backburnered or scrapped altogether to the disappointment of viewers while Sonny/Carly/Jason never had to deal with defeat or even disappointment. Luckily, we are getting changes now, thank goodness. I am enjoying GH alot, and I mean alot, more now than I have in years and years.
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