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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Dec 6 2012, 12:22 PM
While I can understand it, BD's shameless plug tweet is a risky move that could backfire. TPTB don't usually like an actor encouraging fans to lobby the show. No doubt he knows this, so it's curious that he would take that risk. Maybe he's seeing that his days are numbered.

He's lucky to still be on the show, because I fully expected him to get the boot from Tomlin along with the others MarDar brought back. He's the only one besides LR and the DHs who survived. I think the DHs are still around because Sony or someone above GT kept them there. As for LR, who knows? Maybe her name recognition outside the show? In any case, even though she was eased out rather than killed off in the Daysaster, the fact remains that Tomlin eventually got rid of her.

But I think Tomlin kept Lucas around for two main reasons: he's in the right age group and he can be trotted out occasionally to prop up the WilSon or the Ejami stories that Tomlin cares about. As others have pointed out, Tomlin will not use the most talented and veteran actors on the show unless he absolutely has to due to contractual obligations or dictates from higher ups. He's supposedly the darling of TPTB because he saves them money so, who knows, maybe Tomlin gets a bonus for using the cheapest actors and keeping others on the backburner. :shrug:

I wish BD well.

Tomlin just doesn't give a crap for the character, he doesn't like the character period, so he shows his bias by not writing for him. It's too much of a coincidence that the same thing that happened at a time when GT was the Co-EP at Days is happening again (virtually identical) now that he's the Co-HW. I don't think that it's a risky move for Bryan to try to get fan support, many actors have done it and it's worked for some. He actually did it a few years back and it actually sort of worked for him.

Oh and he did try to get work in the acting field after he was let go from Days. But as we all know sometimes finding a job doing something you enjoy isn't easy, it's even harder finding an acting gig.
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